Autumn Light

I get excited when every season rolls round but Autumn has to be my favourite. The change is so dramatic. The colours, the smells and the beautiful golden light. And with firework night behind us I can start getting excited about christmas (pushing all stressful thoughts aside and convincing myself this year will be different…)

I’ve grown to really appreciate a good walk as I’ve got older. And even better if it’s with a dog! We don’t own one (despite constant pestering from the boys) but my wonderful friend Emma has Monty— a gorgeous chocolate labrador who was a constant source of amusement on this walk we did along the river in Lewes last weekend.

Until recently I’d never appreciated the value of proper country gear. We go on countless coastal walks when visiting my parents-in-law in Norfolk, and I’ve witnessed most of the locals wearing Barbour jackets or various versions of a similar kind. I chuck on a parka and start the walk freezing, until midway I feel like I’m going to combust and have to carry a huge coat around for the remaining distance. In stark contrast, layering up with these well designed pieces from Barbour means that no matter what part of the walk– whether at an ambling pace or a brisk one, you’re just a light layer away from comfort. And you really look the part…



Photography by Sussex photographer Emma Gutteridge


Photography by Sussex photographer Emma Gutteridge


Photography by Sussex photographer Emma Gutteridge



Photography by Sussex photographer Emma Gutteridge

Photography by Emma Gutteridge

Jacket | Barbour
Sweater | Barbour
Overshirt | Barbour
Wellies | Barbour
Hat | Norse Projects
Jeans | Topshop
Lipstick | MAC Lady Danger

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