Four eyes

I don’t mind having to wear glasses. Partly because I don’t need to wear them all the time— only really for driving and TV or cinema, but mainly of course, because they are another accessory I can introduce to an outfit if the mood takes me. So the more frames I can style the better!

When Specsavers invited me to choose a pair from the newly launched Kylie Minogue range I was of course glad to accept. For a while now I’ve wanted some clear acrylic frames, so when I saw this pair it was an easy choice to make.

I was so well looked after at the Brighton store— full eye test done and out the way for another 2 years! Relief for me as I have really sensitive eyes and hate that light they have to shine DIRECTLY into my EYEBALL. Nothing pleasant about it but my optometrist Lucy was great— explaining everything as she went which kept me calm during the process.

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