COS: a love affair

I have shopped in COS ever since it first launched in 2007. It has never ceased to deliver the kind of modern classics I love — some of which I still own, which speaks not only of the timeless designs but also the fantastic quality!

In recent years I’ve had the pleasure of attending COS press events where I’ve been introduced to the new collections and presented with the inspiration behind them. This is something that has made me love the brand even more. Often quite a sensory experience — both visually; in the carefully curated palette of colours, and touch; the choice of materials used to interpret the theme of that particular season. Even the most common materials like leather and suede are so tactile.

It’s not just the clothes and accessories I love. The physical expression of the brand is also consistently impressive. From the store designs to the lookbook art direction, everything is so well considered.

I picked out a few pieces from the SS18 collection that I know I’ll love for years to come. The first outfit is a very simple look of a white t-shirt under a long silk slip dress. Styled with flat sandals this dress is great for the day time. I’m about to go away on holiday so will definitely wear without the t-shirt which looks really elegant.


The dress featured in this second look is the perfect example of how COS are not only masters of those timeless, minimal pieces, but also in experimenting with shape like few other brands do. This voluminous belted dress is such great cut. I love how full it is and that the belt cinches in just the right amount of fabric to stop it looking shapeless. Wearing it feels like such a statement!

Outfit details (1st look)
Long Silk Slip Dress | White T-Shirt

Outfit details (2nd look)
Voluminous Belted Dress

Sponsored by COS and ShopStyle 

Photography by Dunja Opalko

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