Styled Their Way

There was a very small window of time when I could dress my boys in exactly what I liked. When superhero suits came on the scene and that was it. By the time aforementioned suits were in tatters, there was no way I had a say in what they were wearing. So from them each being around the age of three I have patiently observed some interesting sartorial choices, hoping that one day they’d come to their senses. Thankfully that time has arrived! Frank (12), Jude (10) and Seb (10) are all equally obsessed with popular brands like most pre teen boys, but have recently realised that wearing them head to toe is not the way to go (thank goodness), instead preferring to style with essentials that span trends and seasons.

We all know there are plenty of high street stores that have a similar offering, but for us there’s one that outshines them all. It’s important to me that my content here on Style Memos is authentic, so believe me when I say that they genuinely love shopping at GAP. Whilst choosing their outfits for this shoot they each passionately described what they love about the clothing— the excellent quality, great fit, and wide range of choice. And when the inevitable fight ensues over an item in store, it will usually come in a variety of colours so everyone’s happy.

For a mum of three increasingly independent boys with different style tastes and limited time between us, a visit to GAP is never a chore. And not forgetting the extra bonus of picking up some things for myself while we’re there 😉

Frank wears: Puffer jacket, Waffle-knit crew tee, Skinny jeans, Quarter crew socks
Jude wears: Jersey lined windbuster, Logo sweatshirt, Fleece joggers,
Seb wears: Denim jacket, Waffle-knit crew tee, Chinos, Gap + GQ Ami knit beanie
I’m wearing: Classic wool coat, Cashmere crew sweater, Gap + GQ Ami knit beanie

Post in association with GAP.
All views and styling mine, Frank, Jude and Seb’s.
Photography by Dunja Opalko.


  1. Hi there. Just found your blog and love it. I am also a mum of three boys who lives in Brighton so totally resonate with your lifestyle. Great to see someone who looks so stylish with three boys around. See your boys are more skater boys, mine are footballers so can’t get them out of horrid synthetic outfits. Hayley

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