Dress for Rest

I love easy Saturday mornings at home with James and the boys. Catching up on the week’s events over breakfast, with takeaway coffee and pastries from our local patisserie, and none of us in a rush to be anywhere else. It’s the one day of the week that we all have off together so we’re quite protective of it and conscious that it’s a day of rest for us all.

I’m not one for spending the day in my pyjamas on days like these. I have to get dressed once I get out of bed, but in my opinion comfort is key to a relaxed state of mind, and quite honestly nothing beats the feel of cashmere, so Saturdays are the ideal opportunity to layer up in it! The White Company has a bountiful selection of really beautiful quality pieces this season, and in a lovely neutral palette which for me, adds to that intentional decision to dress for rest.

Having said that, this sweatshirt jumper and shawl from The White Company are by no means limited to wearing at home. They’ll both be great pieces for styling with everyday outfits in the colder months.

Cashmere Sweatshirt Jumper | Cotton Cashmere Knit Joggers | Cashmere Shawl | Cashmere Socks | Wool-Cashmere Throw

Post in association with The White Company.
All styling my own.
Photography Emma Croman.


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