Personalised Skincare

I’ve been looking forward to this product launching for ages and it’s finally here! Kiehl’s newly launched Apothecary Preparations is a tailor made service aiming to address your unique skin concerns.

It all starts with an in store consultation where you’re asked questions about your skin in order to identify the areas of concern, or potential for improvement. Once these have been established you’re then given two of five targeted complexes— Wrinkles, Texture, Clarity, Enlarged Pores or Redness, which are packaged up with a Skin Strengthening Concentrate. You then mix the complexes with the concentrate at home.

My areas of concern are skin ageing and clarity so the two complexes I was given are Brightening and Wrinkle Reducing. I’ve only had the product a matter of days, but hopefully results are evident soon! Watch this space.

View more information here or visit your nearest Kiehl’s store for a your personalised consultation.









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